Vision Space Design was founded in Guangzhou, China in 1999 , owned by the two sub-brands of Vision exhibition and Vision decoration. It is a professional team integrating exhibition, decoration engineering and space design. We pay attention to design innovation and strategy, engineering process implementation and research and development. From the overall positioning of the project, the division of space area, the layout of functional planning, the design of indoor and outdoor space, the design of art display revelation, and the design of the guide system, we have always been strict with ourselves.The staffing of each Vision plate is independent and interdependent, forming an integrated design pattern.

以匠心取萬物: 能夠抵御枯燥的,不是興趣和情懷,而是匠心

睿者視無界: 你的世界,從此無界

與睿視一起成長: 同道同行,同行同享

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  • 商務接洽

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